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Machine Room Less (MRL) Lift

Machine room-less (MRL) elevators

 The entire drive system is in the hoistway

Machine room-less elevators are designed so that most of the components fit within the shaft containing the elevator car; and a small cabinet houses the elevator controller. Other than the machinery being in the hoistway, the equipment is similar to a normal traction elevator. The benefits are:

creates more usable space

use less energy (70-80% less than hydraulic elevators)

uses no oil

all components are above ground similar to roped hydraulic type elevators (this takes away the environmental concern that was created by the hydraulic cylinder on direct hydraulic type elevators being stored underground)

slightly lower cost than other elevators

can operate at faster speeds than hydraulics but not normal traction units.



Equipment can be harder to service and maintain.

No code has been approved for the installation of residential elevator equipment

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