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VF (Inverter) Control

50% Energy Savings VF (inverter) control is the result of the latest power electronics technology, Power consumption and the capacity of power supply facilities can be cut in half thanks to this remark able new method


Double Safety Two microcomputers allocate and manage elevator operating functions and, by diagnosing each other, ensure optimum functionality.


Operational programming of the microcomputers can be changed at the site with relative ease using this EEPROM(Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This easy programmability allows you to change elevator operating schedules for non-stop floors, homing floors, etc., according to the elevator use patterns of the building occupants.

Digital Floor Controller

The microcomputers detect the elevator car position by counting the pulses generated from the speed generator(rotary encoder)which is coupled with the traction motor.

Multiplex Transmission

Microcomputers connected by SCL (Serial Communication Link) are located in the car, on each floor and in the machine room, This enables the system to be flexibly expanded

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