Ex Lift develop lift series home lift which is strictly complied with European standard of EN41-81. At home, we designed our lift to install easily and no damage to your wall and no shaft requirement. Also the color of decoration can be decided by your home current whole decoration. In subway, library etc public location, Lift helps the disabled person to move up and down smoothly and convenient. Besides that, our lift is one kind of environment friendly and low energy consumption product.


Five advantages

Safety and reliability: Never lock people and realize auto-descent and self–rescue in case of power failure.

-Environmental protection and energy saving: 24V voltage as same as a refrigerator.


Good cost efficiency.

Easy installation: low pit.
With al. shaft, max. utilization rate of shaft.
Different decoration styles can match design of villa.


Suitable Area

· Separate Villa · Indoor Installation · New Building · Townhouse · Outdoor Installation · Adding to old house · Compound Apartment

Technical specification

· Standard load:250/320/400kg
· Driving type:hydraulic and traction
· Floor:2 ~ 4
· Rated speed: 0.2m/s、0.3m/s
· Structure:construction / aluminum shaft
· Min. pit depth:100mm
· Min. headroom height:2700m
· Suitable area: outdoors or indoors
· Door opening: single , opposite trough and angle opposite 
· Car Door: without car door, light screen monitoring, manual and automatic accordion door available for your choice 
· Landing door: manual door