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Home Lift

Consider a Home Lift or Passenger Elevator

A home lift can be an incredible asset for many, especially the elderly and disabled. By putting a home lift in your house, you can easily travel from one floor to the next without a struggle. Those that are in a wheelchair, have difficulty walking, are weak, have little ones to carry upstairs and downstairs, or simply appreciate convenience can benefit from a lift in their house.
Ex Trading has some great options for you that can fit the look and design of your home. With the choice of a traditional look, a modern look, and other looks in between, you can easily find one that suits your desired look.
The aluminum construction makes them durable and resilient to a lot of wear and tear. These lifts were created to be installed without any damage being done to your walls. They are suitable for almost any area of your home, including outdoors.
Ex Trading home lifts are designed to save energy, running off the same power voltage as your refrigerator. They can easily fit two to four people at a time and can smoothly move you from one floor to another. Additionally, in case of a power outage, you do not have to worry about getting stuck as they are designed with an auto descent and self-rescue feature.
If you are looking for something larger, such as for a hotel or simply a larger residence, Ex Trading has even more options for you. A passenger elevator is convenient and works very well for buildings that have eight floors or less, though they are often used for buildings with more floors with high success. Our hydraulic passenger elevator can move at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute, and our electric passenger elevator can move at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute.
Just as with the home lifts, there are many design options for passenger elevators- from sleek and modern to traditional and cozy. These are excellent choices for homes, larger buildings, city access, and wheelchair accommodations. No matter how many floors you need to access, Ex Trading has an elevator for you.

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