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Grain Silos

Premium Quality Grain Silos and Wheat Silos

For those that farm and manufacture certain items, silos are a necessity. In fact, grain silos and wheat silos are one of the best ways for producers to store their product safely. When they have somewhere to store bulk amounts safely, they can continue to produce. This benefits everyone as there is no shortage of wheat or grain due to a lack of storage.
Of course, grain silos and wheat silos are just two common types. Silos are also used to store bulk amounts of wood chips, coal, sawdust, cement, coal and more. Silos are necessary for the consistent production of many goods, and producers need quality silos for their products.
If you are a producer looking for somewhere to store your silage, Ex Trading can help you find what you need. And there are multiple types to choose from. Are you looking for a tower silo, a bunker silo, bag silo, or fabric silo? Would you like a cement silo, a sand and salt silo, or bins? No matter your needs or desired design, Ex Trading has something for you.
A silo is not working at maximum capacity without an efficient sweep auger to help finish the job. The longer your product is left at the bottom, the lower quality it will be. Additionally, if you are not able to use the product at the bottom, you are minimizing your profits and the number of goods you can put out to the world.
Do not limit yourself- you work too hard for that. Instead, be sure that you have a quality sweep auger. It will sweep out the maximum amount of product at the bottom of the opening instead of leaving massive amounts of quality product behind. A good sweep auger will also help you clean your grain silos, wheat silos, and other silos and bins better than without one. Altogether, a good sweep auger can increase your profits and your sanitation level. And there are multiple available sizes to fit your needs.
We appreciate all that producers do, which is why we offer silos and sweep augers that are of excellent quality. Ex Trading wants to help you operate at maximum efficiency and keep you operating there. If you are in the market for grain silos, wheat silos, or sweep augers or other production equipment, such as a bucket elevator, give us a call. Let us help you get what you need.

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