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Elevator Without Shaft

  The Benefits of an Elevator Without Shaft

For residential homes that do not have a lot of space for a lift, consider an elevator without shaft. They can fit in almost any spot though they are only intended for going from one floor to the next, not multiple floors. This is why they are much better for residential homes than for large buildings, such as hotels.
These are excellent options for those who have mobility issues, or even who have to carry little ones up to their beds at night. An elevator without shaft can be the answer many people are searching for as they take little time to install, take very little space, have less requirements- if any- as to the floor plan of the home, and many more benefits.
While carrying people from one floor to another is the primary purpose, they can also be used to carry items that need to be stored on a different floor. They are very handy for moving items from an upstairs storage system to a downstairs storage system, or vice versa.
An elevator without shaft is also not going to fit many people, which is why it is better for homes. There is a wide range of options with shaftless elevators, too. Some are large enough to carry a wheelchair while others are not. Some can carry heavier weights and two people while others can only carry one person at a time and have a lower weight limit.
An elevator without shaft can fit almost any floor plan, so it takes much less time to prepare the space. This gets the project done faster, our team out of your way quicker, and costs lower than with a full home lift.
If you are considering a home lift and are debating between a shaftless one and a full one, give Ex Trading a call. We can help you choose the best option for your needs and your home. 

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