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EX-TRADING is a trading company registered in DMCC Dubai the equidistant city from Europe, Africa and Asia, to be the prime business destination for a variety of sectors. DMCC is the largest and fastest growing Free Zone in the region; all these factors are the main factors to make EX-TRADING an important player in the global commodities markets.

It’s providing the trading service for a different kind of products, and for most regional and international market.



To provide a pure commercial mediation service for different kind of products to the regional and the international market.

We are committed to provide value to our customers and shareholders, care for our employees; be socially responsible, environmentally conscious and maintain high standards of health and safety.


We committee to consistent pursuit of excellence dedicated to continually improving our business to provide our customers with products & services that fully satisfy the customer’s requirements.

“Your Lift will never stop”

Our high standard service will guarantee the suitability for your elevator operation life, by our high qualified maintenance team who will be ready 24/7 to maintain the elevator and find quick solution.